• Canadian Whisky

    • Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12 Year Old

      Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12 Year Old

      40% ABV - Ontario

      Juicy oak caramels, ripe dark fruit, warming gingery pepper, spices, herbs and lilacs.  A sweet Creamy indulgence of toffee, caramel, fudge, and rum soaked Christmas pudding.

    • Lot no 40 Rye Whisky

      Lot no 40 Rye Whisky

      Dark, sour German rye bread, with dry grain, caraway seed, oak, and bitter dark molasses.  A floral fruitiness matures into dark prunes, oranges, and aromatic vanilla, but really this is all about rye bread.

    • Alberta Premium Dark Horse

      Alberta Premium Dark Horse

       45.0 ABV Alberta

      Showcases all the spicy, peppery notes of high-rye-grain whisky. Slate, charcoal, bourbon like vanilla, sweet pickles, dark fruits, sweet and herbal flowers, hot pepper, sweet ginger and crisp clean oak.

    • Canadian Club

      Canadian Club

       40.0 ABV Ontario

      Caramel, whiffs of spirit, prunes, spicy pepper, suggestions of lime, ginger ale and corn cobs. Refreshing rye bitterness complements the zest and tartness of white grapefruit.

    • Crown Royal

      Crown Royal

      40.0 ABV Ontario

      Vanilla pods, caramel, nutmeg and dusty rye with hints of pine needles afloat in mild bourbon. Sweet and peppery with hints of grain that open into a garden of herbs.

    • Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

      Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

       45.0 ABV Ontario

      Baking spices, cereal, light wood spices, gentle oak notes, rich butterscotch, spiced vanilla, develops into soft peppery notes. Smooth and creamy finish.

    • Forty Creek Confederation Oak

      Forty Creek Confederation Oak

      40.0 ABV Ontario

      Tobacco, oak, and citrus sourness sweeten into vanilla, caramel, and voluptuous buttery corn whisky. Odd hints of BACON, barbecue chips and charred firewood dance on fresh-cut lumber.

    • Gibson’s Finest 12 YO

      Gibson’s Finest 12 YO

      40.0 ABV Ontario

      Earthy rye and ripe red cherries dissolve into crème brulée, crisp oak, and spicy pepper. Clean oak and red cedar dissolve slowly into butterscotch. A humidor of rich, leathery tobacco.

    • Irish Whiskey

    • Bushmills Black Bush

      Bushmills Black Bush

       40.0 ABV Ireland

      Big and full to start off with, quickly becoming light with a hint of spicy fruit, floats across your tongue to the back of your throat where it rests as a slight sherry sweetness. Finishes with a lingering, smooth sweetness that flourishes into your cheeks.

    • Connemara Peated Single Malt

      Connemara Peated Single Malt

      40.0 ABV Ireland

      A rare Irish peated whiskey. Silky smooth with a honey sweet start, followed by malt and fruit flavours giving way to full bodied peat.

    • Greenore


      40.0 ABV Ireland

      iClean light grain with honey and oak characters, silky smooth and mellow. A honey start combined with fresh almonds and spices, warm honey taste with a dry finish

    • Jameson


      40.0 ABV Ireland

      Mellow with toasted wood and sherry undertones. The taste is smooth and sweet with mild, woody and nutty notes, with an incredibly smooth finish.


    • Kilbeggan


       40.0 ABV Ireland

      Characterised by aromas of sweet Oloroso Sherry and honey malt. The palate is of almond nougat,peach, caramel and vanilla finishing with light malt flavours. Impeccibley dry in finish.

    • Redbreast


      40.0 ABV Ireland

      Strongly flavoured and assertive, a blend of spicy, oily, sherry and toasted notes. Satisfying, long finish with complex flavours lingering on the palate. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


    • Teeling Small Batch

      Teeling Small Batch

       46.0 ABV Ireland

      Deliciously malty, spicy, Irish blend. Creamy vanilla, hints of dried herbs, caramel, allspice, and lemon curd, with a floral, herbal finish.


    • Tullamore Dew

      Tullamore Dew

      40.0 ABV Ireland

      Fruity and biscuity, gristy notes, good body with notes of sherried peels and spice, butter and honey, finishes long with notes of caramel and toffee.

    • American Whiskey

    • 1792 Ridgemount Reserve

      1792 Ridgemount Reserve

      93.7 Proof Kentucky

      Chocolate, vanilla and stewed fruit, citrus, cinnamon, full bodied with a short finish.

    • Basil Hayden’s

      Basil Hayden’s

      80 Proof Kentucky

      Full of dark fruit, as well as cinnamon, candy corn and vanilla, light bodied, spicy and less sweet than it smells with a medium, white pepper finish.

    • Buffalo Trace

      Buffalo Trace

       90 Proof Kentucky

      Dry, corn meal, rye spice and a ton of wheat, raspberries, medium bodied, smooth, buttery, corny. Finishes with a slightly minty, anesthetic tap.

    • George Dickel No 12

      George Dickel No 12

      90 Proof Tennessee

      Caramel, geraniums, yeast, bananas, orange, candy apple. Light bodied, muted spice and very sweet with almond, cherry and finishes with a lingering soft burn.

    • Jack Daniels Old No 7

      Jack Daniels Old No 7

      80 Proof Tennessee

      Floral with orange peel and salted peanuts, light bodied, spicy, some chocolate with a quick finish.

    • Jim Beam Black Label

      Jim Beam Black Label

      86 Proof Kentucky

      Toffee, tobacco, semisweet beginning, notes of oak grow stronger as you go, subtle grains follow. A long, smooth elegant finish.

    • Knob Creek

      Knob Creek

       100 Proof Kentucky

      Apricot, apples and toast, full bodied, grilled meats with a long, cinnamon finish.

    • Maker’s Mark

      Maker’s Mark

       90 Proof Kentucky

      Corn, vanilla, apple, butter, some cherry. Medium to full bodied, black pepper, creamed corn, menthol. Finishes with a warming pleasant burn.