A Deeper Dive into Rum 2-23-20

It’s time already for our first Rum Tasting of 2020! As always, our friend Graham MacKenney, rum geek and all around spirits enthusiast will lead the tasting. Any of you who have attended any of Graham’s past events already know that he really does his homework for these events, digging up all kinds of fun and interesting facts about the cocktails and spirits presented.

The theme is A Deeper Dive into Rum, looking at rum from Barbados and Jamaica in particular and exploring the controversy surrounding new and existing geographic indicators in the rum world. We will begin, as we often do with a delicious rum cocktail, and then sample 6 rums from the above mentioned regions. The event will take place Sunday February 23rd, 2020 with 2 seatings available, the first at 4:00 pm and the second at 6:30 pm, with only 20 tickets available for each seating.

The cost is $40 (HST included), contact the bar for tickets.

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